Summer is coming and whoever has the good fortune of having a house by the sea for the next summer months,

will finally enjoy new areas, leaving what is his/her home for the rest of the year.

When it comes to furnishing a house by the sea, it is possible to express the most creative part of oneself, as opposed to what one does in a habitual house, which is generally kept at bay in the name of sobriety.

Furnishing your home by the sea implies reproducing in its rooms a marine atmosphere through colors, choice of materials, accessories and decorative elements, to give the impression of breathing a different air, a salty air.

Usually, the focus is on the elements that are reminiscent of the sea, the wind, the sun and summer calm, opting for colors such as blue, white and sky blue. Even for coverings and furnishing elements, the materials that are often used bring to mind a marine environment: ropes, anchors, coarse wood, lifebuoys, cotton and linen fabrics, blue and white striped coverings.

These are just a few possible variation of these elements, which can be placed in any room of the house. Let’s look at them in greater detail.

Furnishing your home with colors.

What is the first color that comes to mind when thinking about the sea?

I’d say blue, don’t you think so?

The distinctive feature of the marine landscape, in the collective imagination seems to be the blue. Usually, the first color you think of to decorate a house by the sea is blue. It begins with an intense blue color, gradually turning in to a play with all its variations.

Another shade much loved by those who intend to furnish a house by the sea is white, which goes well with blue and brings to mind the foam of the sea.

These two colors together, in addition to reminding us of the waves of the sea, also evoke the clothing of fishermen and sailors, including typical houses, characterized by Mediterranean style, like the houses on the Greek islands.

In addition to blue and white, another color that we recommend is ivory, the color of sand. An important advice is to paint the interior walls with light colors, from pure white to cream, so that you can then enjoy the decorations and furniture. Dark, extravagant or very warm colors should be avoided. The undisputed star in the furnishing of a house by the sea is wood: a fresh material that we strongly recommend, natural or lacquered white.

House by the sea, opt for comfort.

In a beach house the most important thing to do is surround yourself with comfort because you usually go there on vacation, to relax and unwind. To be sure that this happens, we recommend a few small precautions.

Firstly, it is advisable to use easily washable fabrics, to have a large number of covers to cover light-colored sofas or armchairs that could easily get dirty, but above all to choose floors that do not require much effort and time to be washed.

For example, polished and colored tiles should not be used as flooring in the bathroom, kitchen or entrance because they tend to highlight any stain, big or small. If we just can’t do without it, use them for the splash guard in the kitchen or for those parts of the house that are not frequently used. It is preferable to choose opaque porcelain stoneware for the floor, or a nice light, porous terracotta, which dries in two minutes.

These are just a few of Barlozzini Interiors’ tips for furnishing a house by the sea. In the next article we will give you specific advice for each area: from the kitchen to the bathroom, the bedroom and the outdoor area.

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