It is common knowledge that the most popular part of an Italian home is the kitchen.

Italians live off food, family environments and wellbeing. The place that is often considered appropriate for these types of meetings, is where families exchange stories about delicious meals.

Thus, the kitchen, from a simple room, becomes a place where furniture and design are masters, transcending trends and habits.

1. Bright colors and chrome gold kitchen furniture

Grey and neutral tones dominated in 2017, thanks to their ease of pairing. Everything was more neutral and elegant, but it had a touch of monotony. This year however, the important colors are having a comeback: bright, monochromatic, and at the same time both daring and standing out throughout the house. The furniture can also be finished with gold or silver, to bring out the tones. Its contrasts are appreciated and refined.

2. Wide spaces

The open space makes its return with great style, returning to fill the houses of Italians. Kitchens have thus become larger and more liveable, often connected with the living rooms, thereby giving life to the famous living area. In this respect, it is useful to have a counter which, in addition to being a beautiful piece of furniture, also plays a functional role in the environment, allowing the family to come together in a simple and harmonious way.

3. Predominance of Industrial furnishings

If there’s ever an industrial style room, that’s definitely the kitchen. Highly fashionable in past years, this style is also reaffirmed in 2018 for that irresistible New York loft touch. Bricks and exposed pipes, with wood and metal, finished with stone and concrete.

4. Tiles as decoration

A must-have that is increasingly appreciated and never completely brushed aside. Always a symbol of practicality, tiles return to the conquest of kitchens in the most bizarre colors and ways possible. Once again, there is room for imagination, creativity and colors. No more monotony.

5. Suspended lamps

arredamento cucinaA beautiful kitchen is deserving of fairytale lighting, in the form of wall lamps or ceiling lights that accumulate dust in what is the so-called “suspended lamps”. They give furnishings a further industrial touch and are among the most coveted decorative elements of recent years.

6. Technological furniture

As technology advances, so does the way we cook. Intelligent refrigerators, smartphone ovens, device charging surfaces, pop-up sockets and built-in speakers with Bluetooth functionality, lights on command and several other gems that we often don’t even know. The kitchen becomes the temple of technology par excellence.

7. Visible shelves in kitchen furniture

It changes the way we conceive space, and it is increasingly necessary, especially vertically. The shelves give a sense of order to the surfaces, and turns the kitchen in to a trendy bistro.

8. Get rid of the disorder

No more tables full of pots, symbolizing that you are preparing a great banquet. Order will reign supreme in 2018. The small rooms will most certainly be grateful, and those in the kitchen will have the opportunity to prepare delicious dishes without accumulating pots everywhere. Surfaces will have to be clean and everything will have its place in this new kitchen concept.