What is Corian?

Corian as defined by its creators, Dupont, is a solid non-porous surface material. While the material is currently taking the over the furniture design industry at breakneck speed, it was actually created and debuted for the first time in the year 1971. Its appeal at the time was however very little because it only came in white. The limited nature of its color was hence interpreted as a limitation in possible applications by designers at the time.

Propelled by increase technological growth, stiff competition in the high-end furniture niche, and constant demand by consumers for innovative furnishings, the company producing Corian went ahead to produce it in different colors, in a bid to widen the range of its applicability.

As far as furnishing materials go, we know you are probably more acquainted with traditional materials such as wood, glass, metal and stoneware. But here are 5 reasons, why you should absolutely furnish any space with furniture made from Corian.


Unlike all the other furniture made from traditional furnishing materials, Corian made furnishing have a unique and exquisite appeal. Though very tough and solid, the Corian material is also very versatile, and can be heated through a process called thermoforming to produce any kind of solid shape possible. Often than not, furnishings made from Corian challenge our everyday perception of shapes. The furnishings are often futuristic in nature, and are very attractive. The seamless and continuous nature of Corian made furnishings also make for a beautiful site to see. Corian made furnishings are a must have, especially if you are looking to increase the appeal of any given space. There is no limitation to how Corian made furnishing can look.


From its inception, Corian was meant to last for long. Household and office furnishings made from this exquisite material are very durable, and can last for years without any visible sign of aging. It can be used in the production of chairs, tables, countertops and any other furnishings that are designed to carry heavy objects. You should however, not place extremely hot objects on furnishings made from Corian for an extended period of time, as this could result in a deformation of the furniture.

Easy to Clean

Though they might come across as fragile and dirt adhesive, furnishings made from this material are very easy to clean. It does not require any special cleaning detergent or method. The furnishings can be kept clean by simply wiping them as you would any other wooden, glass or steel furnishing.

Suitable for all spaces

In the days when Corian was only produced in white, its application was seen as limited to only the kitchen and bathroom. With its current variety of colors, Corian made furnishings are now perfect for every environment. Corian furnishings now have a very wide range of applicability: receptionist desk, dining table, wine rack, nightclub walls, etc. There is actually no limitation to the types of space in which Corian made furnishings can be used.

Limitless Customization potential

Given the very malleable nature of Corian under specific temperatures, it can be stretched, bended and molded in to any type of furnishing. If your mind can imagine the design of any kind of household or office furnishing, then it can definitely be made with Corian.