Glass is one of those materials which when used or applied correctly could add enormous value to your home.

People often times scare away from using this fine material as a major element when furnishing their homes, especially because of their fear of how fragile it is. Glass like most materials come in different qualities, with some being tougher than wood and some metals.
Furnishing your home with glass has several advantages. It beautifies the home, making it look even larger. Glass walls also help to maximize sunlight, which is good for both human health, as well as energy saving. Here are our five must have glass furnishings for every home:

Light Bulbs in clear glass

lampadine led in vetroLighting is very important to every home, especially given that it has a huge impact on the mood of those within. Having a clear glass around a bulb has three major advantages. Firstly, it increases the spread of the bulb’s rays, allowing them to illuminate a greater surface area. Direct light from some bulbs are harsh and concentrated, leading to a negative effect on wellbeing because they induce tiredness. This effect can be minimized by having your light bulbs in tinted or modified glasses. Finally, light bulbs in clear glass serve as a great form of decoration. Having them in sets of twos and above, hanging down over your kitchen top or reading area could be all you need to get in the right mood. Light bulb glasses come in different shapes and forms, and can always be adapted to your chosen home setting.

Glass Cupboards

Minimalist open cupboards are great, so too are wooden cupboards and shelves. But glass cupboards are the ultimate. They give you that unique ability to see and get what you want, without having to go through several shelves. They also serve the traditional cupboard’s purpose of hindering dust accumulation, through the provision of different kind of door systems. A further advantage in having a glass cupboard or shelve is that it tricks the mind in to seeing the overall space as bigger, as opposed to a wooden cupboard.

Glass Partitions/Walls

Fluidity has over the last couple of years become a major area of focus for homes. If there is an actual need to create a partition within a home, while maintaining the flow of the overall structure, then clear glass is the best material for the job. The see-through nature of clear glass creates the flow, while the tangible nature of the glass itself serves as a physical partition. Glass also serves as the perfect wall for homes with a view. It is a great way to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your home.

Coffe Tables

This is perhaps the most common use of glass within a home. The humble coffee table has over the years become one of the iconic pieces of furniture within every home. Coffee tables with glass tops are an immediate attraction, as their glass surface cannot be easily ignored. The table tops can be made even more attractive with illustrative carvings.

Decorative Glass Doors

porte decorative in vetroThe door to every home is a statement piece which directly communicates with everyone about to walk through it. Traditional wooden doors are great, especially if they come with beautiful carvings, but having a sturdy glass door in an aluminum or wooden frame is even better. The glass on the door could be frosty or clear as per your desire. However, if your intention is to really make your door stand out, then have a glass artist draw up a master piece on it, or even your family crest (if you have one). This is how to truly make a door stand out.