High-tech furniture are here to stay, and this disruptive technology is having an effect on how we furnish all the different areas of our homes.

Prior to the popularity of this new trend, tech furnishings in a kitchen were limited to electric kettles, fridges, etc. High-tech kitchen furnishings have come a long way from the traditional tech appliances we are accustomed to having within a kitchen, and are now impacting every piece of furniture within this space were meals are created.

At BARLOZZINI.com, we make it our priority to provide you with the best luxury furnishings, ensuring that you ahead of every trend. Ready to make your kitchen smart? Here are the top high-tech furnishing trends you should be thinking of:

Automated Electric Cooking Units

fornelli automatizzatiElectric cooking units are perhaps the single most innovative feature as far as high-tech kitchen furnishings are concern. Gone are the days when one had to turn buttons so as to turn on the flame on a cooker. We now have smart cookers with glass surfaces and no buttons on an intricately flat surface. The burners on these high-tech cookers can be turned on by simply touching on buttons on the glass surface, just as you would on a smart phone.

High-tech electric cookers are highly customizable, and can be modified to your exact needs, both in terms of size and appearance.

Electric cooking units come with inbuilt temperature regulators and timers, unique features which give you the ability to prepare specific recipes at their required temperatures, making sure that the finished product is exactly as desired.
The cooker comes with an inbuilt security mechanism, allowing for only particular fingerprints to turn on the burners. This safety feature is especially important if you have kids at home. These high-tech cookers literally put the power of your burners on your fingertips.

Self Cleaning Kitchen Surfaces

In as much as we all need food to survive, our hectic schedules and travel programs sometimes mean we have to stay away from our kitchen for long periods of time. Coming home to a dusty kitchen, when all you want to do is enjoy some homemade food, can be really discouraging.
Technological advancements in the field of surfaces have led to the invention of high-tech self-cleaning surfaces. This technology makes it possible for your kitchen tops to stay clean all year round, whether or not you put it to use. You can now begin cooking straight away, without having to bother about pre-cooking clean up.

All In One Minimalist Kitchen Units

Gone are the days when every piece of furnishing in the kitchen had to take up a separate space of its own. If you are a minimalist, or if you just do not have enough space within your home, there are a variety of high-tech, compact, all-in-one kitchen units, designed to take care of your exact needs.
Through our years of experience and skill acquisition in space management, we can develop customized, table-size, foldable, all-in-one kitchen units containing a dish washer, an oven, a sink, countertop, etc.

Fully Automated, Voice And Tablet Controlled Kitchen Furnishings

tablet controllo elettrodomesticiThis is the peak of tech incorporation in to kitchen furnishings. It leverages on voice command technology and wireless systems to turn your kitchen in to a piece of science fiction from the future.

This high-tech feature gives you full access over your kitchen, allowing you to set in motion desired processes by either passing a voice command, or clicking on a smart device. Pretty kool right? There is no limitation to the application of this full tech feature. This therefore implies that you are always sure of getting exactly what you desire.