It’s summer time, and like you, we are more than excited to step out and spend a little more time in the sun before the chill of Autumn sets in. For us, sucking in the sun and nature’s overall goodness doesn’t necessarily have to mean stepping out of the comfort of one’s home, not if you have a balcony. In this article, we will be providing you with our top 5 tips (and a bonus tip) on how to furnish your balcony for all seasons. Think of it as balcony furnishing tips to enable you make the most of your balcony all year round.

Tip #1: Types of Furniture

Without furniture, a balcony is just another piece of prime real estate that is allowed to waste. Furniture are the first things that begin to give a balcony purpose. Beginning from the floor, you will want to use flooring that is easy to clean and dry off in case of a spill. Dark floor colors that do not retain stains are also preferable. If you are looking to get a more comfortable setting, you could also roll out a carpet (dark color, easy to clean). Carpets are however mostly suitable for completely closed off balconies that do not let in rain, as they could sit there all year round.
As regards the chairs and tables, it is always a great idea to go for furniture with durable material, especially for outdoor balconies. Furniture with a mixture of wood and metal are also currently trendy. Balconies are all about relaxation and quiet, while taking in a view. The chairs should therefore be arranged in such a way as to maximize the view. Use as large a table as possible, with a center support to increase leg space. A single piece of art on the wall could make all the difference during the cooler months. One more thing, get lots of pillows and a firm cushion base to enhance relaxation.

Tip #2: Color

furnish balconyScience aside, it is fairly popular knowledge that colors play an important role on our mood. Brighter colors like orange, yellow, white, violet, blue and indigo generally have an uplifting effect on our mood, while darker colors such as black, merlot, mahogany and other darker shades of colors are often depressive.
To furnish your balcony in such a way that is suitable for all seasons, you should consider going for pillow and cushion covers with lots of bright colors. These bright colors reflect the light of the sun during summer, and the electricity provided lights of balcony during winter and cold nights. Should you be going for a more classic setting, ash, grey and white colors will be just perfect. The cushion and pillow covers should be easily washable, especially if you have kids at home. The balcony walls should be painted with a bright color to increase light reflection.

Tip #3: Shade

For open balconies, shades are a must to enable you enjoy your balcony all year round. Balcony shades are great because they protect you from the direct sunlight of summer, the rains of autumn and the snows of winter. Cantilever shades with tilting umbrellas are best for summer, as they can be adjusted as per the angle of the sun’s rays.
To enjoy your balcony all year round, it is best to build a permanent over head shade with tarpaulin canopies that can rolled down by the sides during rain and snow, to avoid creating a mess, and also for maximum heat retention. We are only one call away from providing you with the perfect permanent balcony shade.

Tip #4: Bed & Covers

When nature, peace and quiet are abound, the tendency if for you to fall asleep while at your balcony. It will be terrible for you to have to walk all the way to your bedroom, especially if you intend to nap a little in the view.
Comfortable and soft surfaces on which to lay are a necessity for all balconies. If your balcony is large enough, you could snug in a hammock, or have a swing bed installed. For smaller balconies, be sure to have at least one couch that can comfortable take it your full body length. For the cooler months, you should endeavor to get warm knitted covers as they easily retain heat. As far as sleeping on the balcony goes, my personal favorite is the rocking chair.

Tip #5: Fire place

Outdoor cooking is increasingly becoming a huge trend in most households, so why don’t you get in on the action by furnishing your balcony with a small fireplace. There are lots of fashionable fireplaces in the market that will suit your balcony just fine.
The fireplace could be used in summer for barbeques, and during the cooler months to heat a kettle of tea, as well as provide much needed heat for the balcony.
Caution: Be sure to have a fire extinguisher near all fireplaces to protect against the occurrence of a fire hazard.

Bonus Tip #6: Garden (potted)

Plants are always a great addition to any space, as they generally increase our wellbeing through the extraction of carbon dioxide from their immediate environment. The key here is to go for plants that are drought resistant: Russian sage, Rosemary, Adenium obesum, etc. Climbing and creeping plants should be avoided for obvious reasons. You can always contact your local florist for advice on which plant to get.