Arredo Barlozzini history

It began in the late 1950s, when Giuseppe Barlozzini dedicated himself to the selling of furniture for the home.

In the mid-60s, Giuseppe officially decided to make his dream a reality by creating the first exhibition space of Mobili Barlozzini, the name with which the company built up an excellent reputation over the next 15 years. So much so that in 1975, he expanded the headquarters with a new building of 1000 square meters for the exhibition space and 600 square meters used as a warehouse.

Projects of Interior design
Years of activity

In the following years, the company achieved excellent growth results. During this period the company changed its name to Arredo Barlozzini. And it continued to expand its exhibition space to 3000 square meters and the warehouse to 900 square meters.

In 1983 his son Andrea Barlozzini joined the company, who inherited his passion for furniture and everything related to furnishings in general. This was a further stimulus for the development of the company which led to the opening of a new showroom of 400 square meters in the city of Perugia in 1984.

After a few years, joinery was also launched, which at least initially started more as a challenge, becoming over time one of the strongholds of the family business Barlozzini. Also with regards to great commercial growth, in 1990 the new Orvieto showroom was opened, in an exceptional location along Via del Duomo. The space is only 190 square meters, but it has an incredible exposure since the “world” passes through that street.

This permitted Arredo Barlozzini to expand its range of action not only in the areas surrounding the various exhibition centers, but also to start an important collaboration with foreign customers.

barlozzini interior design - showroom montegabbione

Headquarter and Show Room – Montegabbione ( TR )

In the years that followed, the first website was also quickly put online, where the most important offers and services are available, such as the wedding list, which is posted on the web after it has been well-established in the shop after years of experience.

barlozzini interiors - showroom orvieto

Show Room Orvieto

In May 2003, the Orvieto showroom was expanded with a new 70 square metre space. During this period, the need of following the customer in a widespread way arose. Therefore, the company started to design not furniture for its own sake, but also everything related to the total renovation (floors, coatings, doors, windows, etc.).

barlozzini interiors - showroom perugia

Shoow Room – Perugia

In 2016 Arredo Barlozzini changed its name to Barlozzini Interiors.

During the same period, important investments were made for the internal and external renovation of the historical headquarters.

The history of Barlozzini Interiors is characterized by a continuous and positive evolution of the company, with particular attention to the novelties of each historical moment, placing the satisfaction of the customer at the heart of its activity thanks to competent advice from a staff capable of putting into practice the ideas and needs of its customers, with furnishing solutions that stand out for their quality, value and design.