Interior Design is an evolving sector

which takes its cue from current trends, revisiting them and transforming what you admire on the catwalk or in the showroom into art.

The furnishing trends of 2018 are innovative, dynamic and intended not only for those looking to change homes, but also for those looking to remodel or renovate their homes.

The “Industrial Chic”

is one of the most interesting and innovative proposals of this year. It’s a style that combines the heavy elements of the “Industrial” sector to accommodate the lighter elements of the chic sector. The result is a perfect and evocative combination, made of exposed bricks and antique furnishings. The key to its interpretation is to be observed in its minimal chic. Everyone can let their imagination run wild as they see fit, perhaps even taking inspiration from the news coming from the United States, a place where this style has spread since the fifties of the last century, when it was necessary to recover spaces such as warehouses and factories which had fallen into disuse.

Then there is the “Lagom” style,

which presents environments without futile objects, organized in a functional and logical manner. The furniture is characterized by clean lines and is chosen on the basis of its durability and practicality.

Recycled or vintage pieces are also welcomed. It would be wasteful to buy new furniture when you already have some. Repairing and remodeling used ones is a more balanced and appropriate choice. The combination of unique pieces and minimal furniture is the winning key to the Scandinavian style.

The arrangement of the furnishings is also particularly well thought out. Desks, reading areas and work areas, which require long hours of light are located near the windows. This allows you to make full use of natural lighting, thereby avoiding the need to turn on the bulbs before sunset.

Each room is heated with carpets, cushions, plants and decorations.

Then there is the return of wallpapers,

a decorative element that can be used in any room of the house and that lends itself to many needs, even to the many fantasies and colors that could liven it up: whether in search of a baroque pattern or for something more eccentric, you can always be sure to have your needs satisfied.

It is not only limited to the living room but also extends into the kitchen or bathroom, as the latest innovations are designed in such a way that you wouldn’t have to bother about moisture.

Velvet has also made a comeback in the area of elegance;

A must for the interior designing of armchairs and sofas, as well as for the composition and enrichment of curtains and bedspreads, to give that touch of class.

Finally, we cannot help but mention the cementines which are also now back in Vogue. They were fashionable at the end of the 19th century, and can now be used to create a contrast between the modern and the old to ensure a quality effect.