Furnishing is all about what is trendy.

There is no such thing as a permanent trend in this fast paced industry, which can be likened to the world of fashion. It is not unusual for furnishing that was trending last week to be so out of fashion today, while furniture trends of the 90’s could instead be having a huge comeback. Such is the fashionable world of furnishings. Summer is over, and as we prepare to welcome the cold months of autumn and winter, these are the luxury furnishing trends to have in mind.


Colors, like the furnishing they are a part of, are a fundamental part of the autumn/winter furnishing trend, and indeed every other trend. Forget the overly bright colors of summer, and say hello to more sophisticated colors. Think more of white, ash, grey, black, dark brown etc. As we draw deeper in to the last quarter of the year, go for luxury furnishings with colors that stand out against the backdrop of winter’s white, but which also has a cozy and intimate appeal for those long cold days.


furnishing on a budget

Cold implies more time indoors, which could mean more hours in bed. The bedroom therefore has to be very comfortable. What better piece of furniture is there to start from, than the bed? Here, we employ you to think outside the box. Let your bed be in a class of its own by defying traditional bed measurements (king size, queen size, etc.). Go for as big a bed as possible, as this should clearly be the protagonist. Buy a bed that is made of sturdy wood, such as mahogany or ebony. Bed with carvings are also high up on the luxury trend, because they make the masterpiece to truly stand out, transforming the room in to royal chamber, while giving you that royal feeling you deserve.

To keep the bedroom warm and comfortable, cover the entire floor area with a furry carpet, so you won’t have to go for sepals every time you come out of bed. A huge art canvas will also bring some life in to the room, taking away the gloom of the cold.


Wondering what type of bathtub to get? Vintage bathtubs are a timeless piece. They are difficult to recreate, and though they may leave your bank card sad, they are a veritable comfort investment for the coming months. Get a custom, high-end, vintage bathtub, complete with gold covered taps and detailing.
If you aren’t in to vintage bathtubs, then you can go in for some of our custom made futuristic bathtubs, with surreal shapes that will leave your bathroom feeling like an infinite space. Glass partitions are a must, as they make the bathroom to look bigger.
The chill of the upcoming months will imply reduced dependence on the sun for natural light, plus, white lights will only make the bathroom look even more eerie. To bring some warmth and glow in to the bath, go for artificial gold color lights.

Living room

The most obvious piece of luxurious furnishing with which to begin with are the chairs in the sitting area. Leather materials are great, but they should be avoided during these seasons, because they easily absorb and retain cold. They are also very squishy, making it difficult to have a good rest on them. Chose solid wooden couches with cushion covering which are made from cotton.
A chandelier with gold lights and carpeted floors will also complete the warmth of the entire room. Better still, you can go for high-tech furnishings (couch, table, chairs, cupboards), that will serve more than one need.